Drain Captain Program

Why should I become a Drain Captain?

        80% of trash and pollutants on land travel into the storm drains leading to improper drainage and further contributes to the pollution of Greens Bayou.  During rain events large volumes of water runoff rooftops, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and roads and into the storm drain system. This runoff washes trash, dirt, fertilizer, pesticides, road salt, dog poop, and other pollutants directly into Greens Bayou.  Not only does this affect the water quality, it can also clog the storm drain system leading to flooding issues. By becoming a Drain Captain and adopting a drain in your neighborhood, you would be reducing localized flooding in your community by keeping drains free of debris.  In addition, you would be protecting fish & other wildlife by preventing pollutants from entering Greens Bayou and eventually Galveston Bay.


Who can adopt a drain?

         Individuals, families, youth organizations, businesses, civic and non-profit organizations, clubs, and public and private schools… everyone can help reduce flooding along the Greens Bayou watershed by adopting a drain.


Where are the drains that I can adopt located?

         The drains are located in your neighborhood; please CLICK HERE to see if the drain you're looking to adopt has already been claimed.  Remember if that is the case, there is always other drains that need your help!


How do I adopt a drain?

          CLICK HERE, if you don't see your drain on the list email Greens Bayou Coalition "GBC" at info@greensbayou.org.  GBC will add your name as a Drain Captian along with your drain name to the database and will send you some digital materials that you may print.  These materials will include information you need to clean your drain, how often you should check on your drain and a list of phone numbers in case you need to report concerns.  


Will I need supplies after I adopt my drain?

         Always wear gloves and use a rake, broom, or shovel to remove debris - not your hands.  It is also advisable to wear closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, and a hat.  Additionally, please to keep an eye on all participating children to ensure safety.


What do I do if I need to report a safety concern?

         The easiest way to report a problem is to dial 311.  


Can I contact you if I have additional questions?

          You can contact us via email at  info@greensbayou.org, or you may reach any of our staff by dialing (281)874-2131


Do you have information I can share with my family, friends, and neighbors?

          Please feel free to click on the images below to print and keep in an easy to spot place; you may also use these images to email your friends, family, and neighbors about the program or to post on social media.  If you need a different file for any reason or if there are technical difficulties, please email info@greensbayou.org.


Spread the word by using #SupportTheBayou  •                                        •  info@greensbayou.org  •  (281) 874-2142  •  16945 Northchase Dr #1900, Houston, TX 77060

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