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Memorial Tree Program

Donate a living gift for humanity in honor of a loved one


 What better way to honor a passing life than by planting new ones?  The Memorial Tree Program is an option for friends and families to commemorate loved ones by planting trees. In partnership with Brookside Funeral Home, The Coalition offers this program as a commemorative service for someone who perhaps had a strong sense of community, environmental stewardship, or selflessness.


This gift is a tribute to one's life that also improves the environment for all of humanity. A growing tree has many unseen benefits including improving air and water quality, sequestering carbon, and regulating temperature. These trees planted in memoriam will beautify the Greens Bayou watershed and provide habitat for birds and other wildlife.


Your thoughtful donation and purchase of a Memorial Tree allows The Coalition to continue improving the quality of life along Greens Bayou through flood mitigation advocacy, preservation of greenspace, and development of parks and trails. 

Olive Grove


1 Tree Planted in Honor

$150 Donation



3 Trees Planted in Honor

$250 Donation

Ray of Light


5 Trees Planted in Honor

$350 Donation

*Possible tree varieties include Live Oak, Pecan, Red Maple, Chinese Fringe or Seasonal

Tree Planting

Each year, The Coalition will host a planting event in the Fall followed by a memorial festival. The families in this program are encouraged to participate in the planting and attend the festival celebrating passed loved ones.

The event is a community volunteer day in which all trees purchased throughout the year will be planted in a specific site in the Greens Bayou watershed. Each year this location will change. Therefore, please understand that the exact location of your tree(s) purchased will not be known, but instead a general location can be provided.

The possible tree varieties in 5 gallon size include Live Oak, Mexican White Oak, Pecan, Red Maple, Chinese Fringe or Seasonal.

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