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One Less Plastic Cleanup

One Less Plastic Cleanup.png

Our One Less Plastic Cleanup is in conjunction with a nation-wide effort to draw attention to the amount of plastics that are thrown away and often end up in our waterways.  Make a pledge to use One Less Plastic (water bottle, grocery bag, straw) for the month of July

Greens Bayou Coalition is partnering with Galveston Bay Foundation for a cleanup at Brock Adventure Park!  Help protect and enhance the health and sustainability of the Greater Houston and Galveston Bay region by removing trash and debris in and around the park.

July 27 @ 8:30 - 11:00am
8201 John Ralston Rd, Houston, TX 77078

Two sites at Brock Park to choose from!

here for the family friendly main site
here for the roadway site (should be 13+ years old)


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