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Thomas Bell Foster Park Launch

Thomas Bell Foster Park is a 6.6 acre located in the south reach of Greens Bayou. The property was acquired by the Houston Parks Board in June 2009 from the Foster family. The Houston Parks Board approached the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition’s South Reach committee about developing the park for the purpose of paddle access. Ongoing technical support is provided by non-profit partners Bayou Preservation Association and Houston Parks Board. The committee and the Coalition have developed a long, and growing, list of community supporters, funders and partners for the project.  TBF has served as the end point of the Annual Greens Bayou Regatta since its inaugural race in 2016.

The parking lot at Thomas Bell Foster Park has recently undergone reconstruction and is open for your convenience.  Trails and bayou are accessible from the parking lot.  While the roadway to the launch itself is gated to protect the park from vehicular traffic, individuals are always welcome to carry their boats and supplies to the launch at any time.

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