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Parks, Trails & Recreation

Greens Bayou Coalition strategically integrates both government and non-government support to enhance the quality of life for residents in the Greens Bayou watershed. Leveraging partnerships with governmental entities, utility districts, nonprofits and corporations, we promote the addition of parks and trails in a mostly urban area that is underserved and in need of green space and recreational assets.  


  Numerous studies have shown how important it is to have access to nature.  Green spaces minimize air, water and noise pollution in urban areas and increase both the mental and physical health of those who have access to them.  Greens Bayou Coalition actively promotes connectivity and green spaces within the watershed. 

Greens Bayou Coalition has won awards for its collaborative work on park spaces with North Houston District and Houston Parks Board.  The Coalition continues to partner with these entities, as well as many others, to promote parks and trails within the watershed.

We also help seek funding to maintain and repair existing trails, plant trees and remove litter to keep these areas beautiful and healthy, so residents and workers can enjoy them.

Parks & Trails
Paddle Trail Big Gulch.jpg

The idea for a Paddle Trail Strategic Plan came with the development of Thomas Bell Foster Park on the south reach of Greens Bayou. A National Parks Service grant was received to develop the plan. It calls for launches all the way to the mid-reach area in North Houston, resulting in the possibility of a nearly 30 mile one-way paddle!  Thanks to Houston Parks Board, are now beautiful launches at Thomas Bell Foster, Brock Adventure, and Strickland Parks. Two more launches at W. E. "Bill" Crowley Park and Fall Creek Sports Complex are under consideration by Greens Bayou Coalition and partners.  For more information about the launches, click HERE 

The Coalition has sent an application to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to have Greens Bayou designated as a Texas Recognized Paddling Trail.  As an urban trail, Greens Bayou is quite special, and we look forward to hearing back from TPWD after their survey.

The Annual Greens Bayou Regatta draws attention to the beauty of the south reach of the bayou, and to our mission.  Paddlers from all over Houston and beyond come out to join this combination race and bayou cleanup event.  For more information about the Regatta, click HERE

Paddle Trail
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