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Earth Day on Greens Bayou

Greens Bayou Coalition celebrated Earth Day with a few friends on Greens Bayou this year! Thirty-nine volunteers met at the Greens Bayou tent in front of Rio Bravo Motocross on the banks of the bayou at 8:00 am. Coca Cola Southwest Beverages set up their tents and unloaded water and other beverages, and we headed down the banks and got to work. Due to several days of heavy rains, the water was up 10 feet in the bayou, and a LOT of trash had been washed downstream. Our team spent 3 hours pulling trash out of trees, picking it up off the ground and sometimes digging it out -- bringing 55 bags of trash, plus a huge blue tarp, several tires, a large piece of cable and a car bumper(!) up to the dumpster (donated by by the end of our adventure. Everyone was tired, very muddy, but satisfied with a job well done.

Many thanks to our volunteers and to our Earth Day 2023 Sponsors: Rio Bravo Motocross, and Coca Cola Southwest Beverages!



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