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Greens Bayou Cleanup with East Aldine Management District!

On March 26, 2022, Greens Bayou Coalition and East Aldine Management District partnered with Harris County Flood Control District and Precinct 2 and a whole bunch of enthusiastic volunteers to clean over 60 bags of trash out of Lauder Basin and along Greens Bayou from the Basin to W. E. "Bill" Crowley Park. It's so important to keep trash out of our basins and bayous, not only to keep our environment clean and safe for wildlife, and beautiful for the humans in the area, but to allow water to flow freely during times of flooding.

We thank our friends at Harris County Sheriff Department and the local EMS first responders for their help, Lowe's for supplying the much appreciated water, and volunteers from the Boy Scouts, SWCA, East Aldine Management District, the GBC board and all the other individuals who came out and did some great work! We hear that people in the neighborhoods are already enjoying the area. It is beautiful, as you can see from the photos and video!

(Photos & Video by:



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