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Halliburton Grant Helps to Restore Trails in North Houston Area

Last October we were thrilled to receive a sizeable grant from Halliburton designated for use on parks & trails and programs in the North/West Reach of the Greens Bayou Watershed. We've been applying some of the funding towards bayou cleanups and tree plantings, and have reserved a portion for our Kayaking for Kids program. But we wanted to use a sizeable chunk of the funding for parks and/or trails in the area. We were excited when the North Houston District reached out to us regarding a project. Areas of well-used Hike & Bike trails along either side of the Greens Bayou, roughly between Knobcrest Drive and Hardy Toll Road, had been destroyed as Harris County Flood Control District completed work on construction of Glen Forest Storm Water Detention Basin and its related outfalls. This costly repair project has been on the North Houston District to-do list for some time, and was the perfect place to invest Halliburton dollars. Greens Bayou Coalition was delighted to partner with North Houston District on this project, helping to fund the restoration of the trail and rails.

Melissa Sowell, Community Relations Manager at Halliburton, and Colleen Gilligan Gilbert, Executive Director with Greens Bayou Coalition, had the opportunity to go out with Bart Baker, Executive Vice President/Planning & Infrastructure, and Asdrubal "Dru" Gutierrez, Field Services Director, of North Houston District to see some of the restoration firsthand. Ms. Sowell was impressed by the amount of trail repair that was already complete, and Ms. Gilbert and Mr. Baker took the time to share other projects that North Houston District and Greens Bayou Coalition were working on.

Halliburton is a good neighbor, helping the local community in many ways. This repaired trail will be safe for the many walkers and bikers in North Houston. We also look forward to working with a Halliburton team on a tree-planting event in the near future!

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