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So Glad to Meet You, Dr. Tina Petersen!

The Greens Bayou Coalition hosted Dr. Tina Petersen, new director at the Harris County Flood Control District, for a Meet & Greet with our board of directors this week. We offered a brief presentation to share the 15 year history of the Coalition, with our early beginnings in a task force at North Houston Association in the wake of Tropical Storm Allison. We shared our strong ties with Flood Control, our past success advocating for the USACE Antoine basin project and our continued collaboration with Flood Control as we work on cleanups, tree plantings, and park and trail projects along Greens Bayou and associated basins.

We were delighted to hear of Dr. Petersen's environmental background, which dovetails with our focus on conservation and environmental stewardship and clean water initiatives. We were also happy to learn that she is a kayaker, as we work towards a grant for our second kayak launch, this one at Precinct 2's Crowley Park, and a Texas Recognized Paddling Trail on Greens Bayou. (And we invited her to our upcoming Greens Bayou Regatta on October 8!)

We look forward to building a great relationship with Dr. Petersen and her team, and will continue to share information about projects in our area as we advocate for quality of life in the Greens Bayou Watershed.



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