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Take Me To The Water

The Greens Bayou Annual Fundraising Luncheon - April 14, 2023

Our speaker, HCTRA Executive Director Roberto Treviño, drew a crowd to the Greens Bayou Annual Fundraising Luncheon. The "Tollways to Trailways" project hasn't been widely presented, so many people were on-hand to hear what was in store. Mr. Treviño was very dynamic and spoke of the safety and connectivity that sidewalks, trails, bridges and open spaces would bring, adjacent to the existing Sam Houston and Hardy Toll Roads, which do not particularly take pedestrians and bikers into account in their existing design. Mr. Treviño kept everyone's rapt attention throughout his talk, and took questions afterward.

Following the keynote, Greens Bayou Coalition Chair Fangyi Lu and Executive Director Colleen Gilbert talked about the importance of the urban bayou systems to the Houston area. They shared updates from the past year, including Trash Bash 2023 and other cleanups and tree plantings, the re-start of the Greens Bayou Regatta, and the new Clean Water initiative on Greens Bayou, water monitoring with the help of Stream Team training.

Awards were given to some of Greens Bayou Coalition's Bayou Heroes: Karen Gilligan received the Volunteer of the Year Award for her Help with Everything!; Barry Ross received the Bayou Buddy Award, for all the extra things he did to bring about an amazing Regatta 2022; Coca Cola Southwest Beverages received the Blue Heron Award for continuous support throughout the year; and Joyce Wiley received an award for her years of Special Service to the Greens Bayou Watershed.

Another year gone, another year celebrated! And on to the next!

Many thanks to our speaker, Mr. Roberto Treviño, our guests, and our sponsors for helping to make this event happen. Thank you especially for the wonderful volunteers: Karen Gilligan, Joe & Noemi Wozny, Treena Dockery, Chris Reisinger, Walter McFadden, Joe Caballero, Carol Garza, Mike Henry, Jose Del Cid, Luis Marin & Mike Henry. Thanks also to Marty Hughes, the "rest of the GBC staff."



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