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Flood Mitigation & Resilience

Harris County is historically flood-prone, and the bayou system drains flood waters into the gulf.  Greens Bayou is a key part of this system, draining over 212 square miles of watershed in the northwest Houston area.  Flooding in the Greens Bayou watershed has cost businesses and residents hundreds of millions dollars with every serious rainfall, but the residential population is primarily low income and underserved. Greens Bayou Coalition was born of the need for advocacy for improved infrastructure.

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The devastating flooding of Hurricane Allison was a call to action, and set in motion the formation of Greens Bayou Coalition to be in a position to advocate for improved quality of life for those living and working in watershed.  Staff and board members spent over five years visiting with local, state, and federal officials, discussing the need for flood mitigation along Greens Bayou.  After many trips to Washington, DC, the Coalition was instrumental in getting approval for $55 million in federal funding for the Greens Bayou Federal Flood Risk Management Project.  This collaboration between the US Army Corps of Engineers and Harris County Flood Control District includes a stormwater basin and  channel improvements through the midreach of the bayou.  

This project brought focus to Greens Bayou.  Thanks to the 2018 HCFCD Bond, there have been hundreds of HCFCD projects, large and small in the watershed.  The Coalition maintains a close relationship with HCFCD and USACE, as well as other government officials and agencies.  We participate in task forces and work groups within the watershed and beyond. 
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Communication with Stakeholders

Greens Bayou Coalition regularly participates in water-related committees, and meets with agencies, officials, groups and individuals focused on flood mitigation and resiliency.  It is our goal to share pertinent information with our stakeholders through meetings, on our website and via our social media, and at our annual luncheon. In 2022, we had the interim director, Alan Black,  of Harris County Flood Control District as our keynote speaker, and in 2024, HCFCD Director Dr. Tina Petersen spoke on projects and progress in the Greens Bayou watershed. 


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